2016 High Bridge New Jersey Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge

St. Joseph Council Knights of Columbus in High Bridge conducted their 9th Annual Soccer Challenge competition for youths ages 9 – 14.  The competition is co-sponsored by the High Bridge Youth Soccer organization and was held at the Union Forge Soccer Fields in High Bridge.

The Soccer Challenge is a competition designed for players to demonstrate the most basic of soccer skills — the penalty kick.  Each player is allowed fifteen shots at the goal from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal). The goal is divided into a series of 5 scoring zones.  The upper corners of the goal are designated as 20 point zones. The lower corners are designated as 10 point zones and the central region is a 5 point zone.  Kicks are subject to the normal rules of soccer.

Knights of Columbus member and HBYS Board Member Dave Kinsky and Knights Youth Director Chris Denis, both of High Bridge, organized the event.  Winners of the High Bridge event were: Ava Komorowski, 9 year old girls: Nate Schwartz, 10 year old boys: Maddie Torkildsen, 11 year old girls: Kali Torkildsen*, 13 year old girls: Lindsay Kinsky, 12 year old girls: Roland Wurst, 13 year old boys: Maya Wurst*, 10 year old girls: and Bryce Readie, 9 year old boys.  (*Kali Torkildsen won her 3rd consecutive challenge and Maya Wurst won her 2nd consecutive challenge!)

Winners can advance to Knights of Columbus district, regional, and state competitions later this fall.