Restaurant Review – The View at Morgan Hill – New Menu – New Management

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting Morgan Hill Golf Course to do a story on the links –   While we there we got talking to Sarah Carrasco who was taking care of us and in her entrepreneurial she inquired as to whether we might return to do an article on The View, which is the restaurant on the property. As the conversation continued it became clear that this lovely spot has been under publicized as a destination point not only for golfers but for diners as well.  Sarah set up a tasting for us and we were on our way for a nice surprise. I would also like to recognize new manager Stephen Chicca for making the trip ever so enjoyable. He could not have been more courteous and he did a very nice job experimenting with new cocktails for a satiating experience.

For those of you who don’t know The View is located on the Morgan Hill Golf property, which is surrounded by an upscale town home community. Getting there could not be easier. You take 78 into Pennsylvania and get off at the first exit. You make a left and wind up the hill about three quarters of a mile and you are there, very simple. If you are downtown in Easton you can easily access the restaurant in less than five minutes and then heading back into NJ is a snap.

I am not privy to this first hand but evidently the restaurant was having a few struggles some time ago and ownership decided to make a management change and a menu change and from our viewpoint both moves worked out swimmingly. The service was top notch, polite, and considerate. The dining area is just wonderful. If you were to imagine a private country club facility this is The View. It should also be noted that in warmer weather there is a patio/veranda that has an incredible view of the Golf Course and down to the Delaware River to the south.  If you are looking for a wedding location this is certainly a spot you would call and take a look at.

Also if you are looking for a place to have a holiday party or a business meeting The View has a wonderful room that can accommodate about 20 comfortably where you can have the full menu at your disposal.

We started our epicurean adventure with Sweet Chili Shrimp that were draped in a cilantro and scallion slaw.  8 juicy shrimp that popped in your mouth, delightful flavors playing off of each other. This is a fine way to start a sharing meal with your date. I knew that I had a long way to go on this meal and wanted to pace myself but this was so tasty I ate every single one.

Stephen chose a very nice Sauvignon Blanc to go with the first two dishes and it was chilled to perfect temperature and complemented to shrimp perfectly.  As we spoke I got a better understanding of the diversity of their wine selections which you could pair with all the dishes quite easily.

Next up was Cornmeal Dusted Calamari with fried pickles and a pickled mustard seed aioli dipping sauce. The fried pickle bite alongside the calamari was surprisingly joyous and the side sauce was a very nice compliment.  These two small plates could fill up the diner who was only a bit puckish quite nicely.

One thing Stephen did want to highlight to coincide with the new menu was also a new line of premium cocktails on a drink menu that is still evolving.  The trend in libations at the moment is to go back to old school drinking and as such comes the rebirth of the old fashion.

One thing Stephen did want to highlight to coincide with the new menu was also a new line of premium cocktails on a drink menu that is still evolving.  The trend in libations at the moment is to go back to old school drinking and as such comes the rebirth of the old fashion. Here’s how he stirred it up


2 oz. Basil Haydens 0.5 oz. simple syrup

4 dashes of bitters

Orange zest/peel

Cedar plank

Ice sphere


Mix Basil Haydens, simple syrup and bitters into small carafe.

Burn cedar plank to smoke, cover smoke with empty rocks glass allowing smoke to fill glass. Turn smoked glass upright and add ice sphere to glass.

Pour bourbon blend over ice. Twist orange peel to release oils and rim glass with the peel.

Add peel to the drink and serve.    BRAVO  

One part of enjoyable dining is having a dish come out and look so simple and then give you such a nice zesty startle, such is the Asian chop salad. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much but the sweet chili dressing was right on point. I ate this dish with such veracity that the couple who were sitting to my left both ordered it. The crispy wontons balanced off just right with the Edamame, Kale and Romaine.   This is one of the stars of the menu.

And true to his word Stephen kept the cocktail creativity coming, this time with a Tequila Martini. This is not for the faint hearted mind you and has quite a bite but if you are someone who likes the nectar of the cactus plant this might be right up your alley. The spicy salt around the rim also provided quite the kick.

Moving our way onto the entree portion of the menu we found ourselves digging into Riccota Cavatelli and once again a simple looking dish was a true eye opener. The basil and Parmesan mixture was just perfect and the “Sunday Sauce” lit up every taste bud on the tongue.  Completely enjoyed it, bite after bite after bite.

And to finish of the evening the chef was kind enough to hand deliver grilled lamb chops in a spiced carrot puree over mint Couscous. This was one of the specials of the evening and at $13 was an incredible vale. Served at a perfect medium rare as requested these chops did not last long. With a perfect sear and a juicy inside this was just divine.

Paired with a full bodied Malbec this dish could be a meal, an appetizer, or something to give your night that extra bit of zing after a healthy salad. Very Nice.

What can one say about a perfectly made Crème Brule, it melts in your mouth and you don’t leave a single drop on the plate.

I would return The View just to try another one of this lovely ladies desserts, it was a revelation and she never stopped smiling.

In conclusion, The View At Morgan Hill is a convenient, stylish destination in which you can scan the menu for your personal favorites. You can have a romantic dinner for two next to the windows or sit at the bar and converse with the locals who are a friendly bunch. You will get service with a smile from a staff of people who are trying to put their location on the map. Do not expect five star dining, that is not what The View is. It is a comfortable restaurant with above average offerings at a price point that is fair. If you are getting a little stale with your same old eateries get in the car and take the short ride.