4-H Fairgrounds To Be Named For Late Founder, Roger K. Everitt

The Hunterdon County Freeholder Board acted Tuesday
evening to name the site of the County’s annual 4-H Fair at the
South County Park ‘the Roger K. Everitt Fairgrounds’ in
recognition of the late 4-H Fair Founder and President, who
passed away earlier this year.
“This is a fitting tribute to the man who was the heart, soul,
and foundation of our County’s successful 4-H Fair. Roger
was every bit one of the iconic figures of Hunterdon County,”
Freeholder Director John E. Lanza said.
With a large contingent of the Everitt family in attendance at
the meeting, Kathy Kovacs, one of the late Mr. Everitt’s
daughters, told the Freeholders, “Our fair is the epitome of
Hunterdon County. It was always my dad’s thrill to see family and friends come together and enjoy a good old
fashioned day at the fair. If he were here, he would say: ‘That’s not really necessary’. That was not what it is about. He was not about any sort of glory, but we thank you for honoring him in this way.”
Freeholder Rob Walton stated, “The greatest thing about Roger is that every time you’d go to the fair there would be a thousand things going on and you’d walk up to Roger, and he always had a smile on his face, no matter how much chaos there seemed to be. He had time for you, had a smile, shook your hand and gave you an earful about what was going on at the fair and how wonderful things were going to be. He always made the day brighter. He is sorely missed and I am glad to support this.”
The 4-H Fair, held annually at the South County Park on Route 179 and scheduled for August 23 – 27 this year, highlights Hunterdon County’s farming culture and is attended by thousands. Click her for more information on the 4-H Fair.
Recognition of the naming of the fairgrounds for Mr. Everitt will be made at the Opening Ceremonies of the 4- H Fair on August 23 at 4 pm.