Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. the NY Football Jets kicked off their preseason workouts under a dark and menacing sky in Florham Park NJ Hot weather and very high humidly had the weather man predicting downpours and thunder boomers. The boys  in green got in about 45 minutes of spirited outdoor workouts before lightening on the horizon sent all scurrying inside. If you thought it was humid outside the jets inner facility was like a greenhouse in Florida. The big guys were dripping.

With only one field inside the practice became a bit more limited but the coaches adapted the best they could. Drill after drill rolled on with some sparkling plays and some not so. Overall, for the first day, new Coach Bowles seemed to have things to his liking and was mild mannered and smiling in his post workout press conference.

The Jets come into this season on an upbeat note after cleaning house, dismissing both the coach, who was both entertaining and mildly successful – he did make two AFC championship games before plummeting – , and their general manager who was hard pressed to find any admirers in the tri state area. The Jets finished a dismal 4 and 12 and the blame was put squarely on the shoulders of the general manager who seemed to think that the safety position was unimportant, and on the QB, who continually let down the scrappy defense, turning the ball over for touchdowns in the wrong direction. Quarterback is certainly the most crucial position this season and success will be upon the shoulders of whoever is taking the snaps, but that discussion is for another day. Let’s take a look at the positives from day one.


Revis Island is back, thank goodness. Darrell’s presence takes the entire team to another level. He simply has that confident air about him.  You can see the less experienced corners and safety watching him, trying to imitate him, trying to figure out how he gets that amazing break on the ball that makes him the best corner in the league. This one move has upgraded the team tenfold.


Devin Smith can flat out fly. The rookie 2nd round pick out of Ohio State put a swivel move on number 32 Dashaun Phillips and left him a the dust for a 50 yrd TD connection and for the rest of the day he was blowing by defenders. For you fans who know that special teams is an essential part to victories you will also be pleased to know that he was shagging punts from the machine after practice and didn’t come close to dropping one.

Brandon Marshall is a beast, a pure man child. If anyone can get him the ball he is going to have an enormous year. He is the type of athlete that when you first see him and you don’t know who he is, you nudge the fella next to you and say hey, who’s that. And when the response is that’s Brandon, you smile and say ohhh yes, very nice.

No surprise here but Eric Decker looks like he is in fantastic shape and is a spectacular route runner. He takes every practice route very seriously and is spot on every time. The addition of Smith and Marshall should open the field for Decker who last year was constantly facing double teams. Expect a big year from number 87.


Possible Surprise Sleeper – There was something about Shaquelle Evans who is wearing the number 81. Yes it’s only the first day and they didn’t have the pads on and weren’t hitting but once a day a guy catches your eye and you see some potential, today this person was Evans, we shall see.

Take a look at some pics from day one –


jets1 020

 Welcome to the Home of the Jets in Florham Park

jets1 001

 As you walk in


jets1 002

 These two will be seeing a lot of each other.

jets1 005

 Eric Decker in mid season form

jets1 010

 And the sky grew dark

jets1 016

 And the thunder sent the squad indoors

jets1 018

 The Wall of Fame

jets1 024

 Coach Bowles is under there somewhere

jets1 027

 Is this a make or break year for Calvin Pryor?

jets1 037

 Big Willie headed for the showers

jets1 043

 With the Lombardi Trophy hanging above Mo Wilks

contract looms over the entire team

jets1 046

 The best off season acquisition      Mr. Marshall

jets1 051