Affordable Housing Unit Available in Clinton

The Town of Clinton hereby announces that 1 affordable housing unit will be available for sale in the Alton Place development.  The housing unit that is available is located at 16 Woodcrest Lane (Alton Place to Mountain View Rd. to Woodcrest Lane)

The affordable housing unit in question is a 1-Bedroom Low-Income unit and is listed for $79,521.00.  Interested households will be required to submit an application and income documentation in order to qualify.

The maximum household incomes are as follows:

Number of persons in household                    Maximum Annual Income

                                                                                                                Low – Income Units

            1                                                                                                                            $36,750

            2                                                                                                                            $42,000

            3                                                                                                                            $47,250

            4                                                                                                                            $52,500

            5                                                                                                                            $56,700

            6                                                                                                                            $60,900

All successful applicants will be required to provide down payment/closing cost funding and agree to maintain the units as the family’s primary residence.

Applications are available at the Town of Clinton Municipal Building, 43 Leigh Street, Clinton, NJ 08809 or via the Town’s website by clickinghere.  Applications can also be requested via phone at 908-735-8616 and can be sent regular mail or e-mail.  There is no application fee.

For more information on Affordable Housing in Clinton, please clickhere to visit the Town’s website.