Andrew Zwicker, Head of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory To speak on pipeline


On  Friday , October 21  10 AM,  Andrew Zwicker,  Head of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory  (PPL)  and NJ 16th district assemblyman will be making a presentation/speaking to the students and faculty of Mercer Teach

·        on the joys of science with portable demos

        And giving his insights on such controversial topical issues such as,

·        Bridgegate

·        Penneast pipeline

·        Student debt

·         NJ gubernatorial race

·        How he uses science based evidence to make informed policy decisions and much more

More about Andrew Zwicker – Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker represents New Jersey’s 16th Legislative District.  Andrew is a lifelong New Jersey resident, a physicist, and the Head of Science Education at the Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory. In his role at the Lab, where researchers are developing an advanced form of energy, he has worked with hundreds of teachers and students, inspiring professionals and the next generation in the promise of technology. The American Association of Physics Teachers named him as one of the country’s top 75 “Leading Contributors” to physics education.

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