Assembly approves Space bill to keep parks open if government shuts down

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Parker Space to ensure state parks remain open to visitors in the event of a state shutdown was approved by the General Assembly today. The bill (A5128) requires state attractions to remain operational for seven days if the Legislature fails to pass a budget.

“People who work all year and do the right things so they can take a few days off with their family found the gates closed at state parks and beaches,” said Space (R-Sussex). “This isn’t acceptable, and it shouldn’t happen again.”

Space noted his district office heard from constituents who had their plans ruined by the sudden closure of popular state attractions during one of the busiest weekends of the summer.

“Tourism is big business in our state,” said Space. “If a private company treated customers that way, they would be going out of business. The best thing the Legislature can do is agree on a budget, but at least let’s keep the parks open.”