Jets fans have seen it all before. A quick glimmer at the start of the season to get hopes up and then a quick fall to reality which leaves them floundering in mediocrity.  SAME OLD JETS


Coach Bowles was supposed to bring some defensive ingenuity to the team. That didn’t happen. The Jet defense is playing Swiss cheese, holes everywhere. They got beat by a quarterback who wasn’t even on the roster three weeks ago. Pathetic. As the games progress it appears that Revis has lost a step, he’s still playing hard but age may be catching up. Cromartie missed the last game due to hammy problems and what does the genius coaching staff do – they let him return kicks and make him even more vulnerable to future injury. It’s mind boggling.  No pass rush again and that is another mind melting situation. You have Tom Brady in your division and your main job is to figure out how to beat him. Somehow the Jets have not noticed the Blue Print their Stadium mates, the Giants, have laid out. You have to play a 4 – 3 defense and get constant pressure on the QB and yet year after year the jets line up in the 3-4 and let Brady and third stringers take them to town. Half Time adjustments, non existent.


On the offensive side Fitzie once again played like a warrior. With a left hand that has just been cut open on the surgeons table he was chased all day by JJ and with the game on the line he put his head down, got a first down and then took a wicked hit to the head to score a touchdown. As an aside when a qb’s helmet flies off can we get a call for 15 yards blow to the head call for the next kick off??? Now they gave Fitz the concussion protocol on the sideline after the hit but they seemed to forget he’s a Harvard guy and can talk those neophytes into letting him back in the game. He was clearly stunned and it’s hard to blame him for the two picks he tossed while trying to rally the troops, but he probably didn’t belong in the game at that point, but what was the alternative, Geno – Oh Vey .


At 5 and 5 the Jets are now on the outside looking in. The Fish are rolling into JetLife stadium Sunday and if they don’t give an enormous effort the season will be over. Let’s hope Coach Bowles raises his voice at least one this week, the calm nothing bothers me routine is getting old quickly.