It’s nice when you are staying in a Casino setting where the floor of the gambling area can get a bit chaotic, to have a place to sit down, regroup and have a high quality meal in a classy setting. Such is Bistecca at Mount Airy.

After a crisp swim in the Mt Airy pool after a great round of golf   LINKS  I set my sights on filling up the energy reserves at Bistecca. Winding may way across the casino floor I realize that it was some time since I had eaten and I was ready to dive into whatever they decided to put in front of me. The restaurant is easy to find. All of the restaurants are on the same wall of the casino, to the left if you are entering through the main hotel entrance.

I was greeted warmly at the door by Manger Raliek Francis, who is pictured here with Chelsea Dunleavy, who was our evenings mixologist and made one perfectly chilled shaken not stirred stoli martini.  Raliek gave me a quick tour through the facility and then set me up in a very comfortable leather booth in the back so I could get a good lay of the land and see how the room flowed.

I started with a nice sampling of different breads and the dipping sauce was divine and being in starvation mode I could not stop popping the lovely morsels in my mouth.

The first dish was seared Spanish Octopus with gigante beans and tomato. This was simply out of this world. In many restaurants when you order the Octopus you get this tiny offering that is a bite or two at the most. This was a brilliant serving that was charred perfectly on the outside and tender in the middle. Speaking frankly this was the best cooked Octopus I have ever had. Bravo to the chef. If you are in a sharing mode, this is easily enough for two.

For my second course I had the special salad for the evening, a combination of thinly sliced pears and Gorgonzola, with walnuts mixed throughout. No longer starving at this point I still could not put the fork down. Every bite was better than the last. Taste exploding all through my mouth I finished every morsel.  Delicious.

For the finale I also had one of the nightly specials, gnocchi with a duck ragu. Melted in the mouth. Creamy bites with the perfect seasoning. I usually add pepper and didn’t have to. The portion size was el grande, and I took half of it with me. Just delightful.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my wait staff, Dwayne Vines, David Rivera-Vega and Neelum Khawaj. They took phenomenal care of me, were upscale professional, kind and conversational and I thank them for making my night special.

Overall assessment, this is easy, if you are eating at Mt Airy, this is the only place to go period. Don’t over think it. If you want a great meal in a classy setting with a professional staff this is it. We highly recommend.