BALIC OF CLINTON ALL SORTS OF Wine Accessories – you’ll be amazed at how many items relating to wine they have 

Largest Selection of Wine Accessories in the Area!

Wine Aerators
 Ball Pourer (easiest wine aerator ever made)
Soriee In-bottle Aerator (sets with travel case, etc.)
Wine Twister (suitable for large-neck bottles)
Gemini Aerator on Stand (the ultimate for your home)

Wine Chillers
Corkcicle (keeps wine chilled in the bottle)
Stainless steel wine chiller
Wrap-around Bottle chillers

Wine Openers
Rabbit Electric Wine Opener
Butler 1 and 2-step openers
and more!

Wine Stoppers
Wine Savor (pumps air out of bottle – preserves wine)
Glass stoppers in fashionable and seasonal designs
and many simple stoppers, too!

Wine Totes
Insulated wine totes from Built NY
Wine Purses for the ladies
Leather and Leatherette Wine Carriers for men

Picnic Baskets and Backpacks!