Bedminster Flyers Cycling Club HOSTS ANNUAL PARTY THIS SATURDAY everyone welcome


Our first activity of the year is a party to be held this year on February 10 at 6:30. At one of the earlier parties at the Pottersville Fire House the building lost power and we held the party in candlelight — candles have been a tradition ever since. The party has occasionally seen guests from Matheny & our first-level sponsors mingling with the members.

There’s no cost to attend to the party. Although not required, we suggest attendees bring the following:

  • An appetizer, main dish, or dessert to share (one to a family is fine).

  • Alcoholic beverage of your choice (the Club supplies soft drinks and water).

  • A filled-out BFCC membership application along with the appropriate fee (cash or check is accepted, but not credit cards). For those that forget, we usually have membership forms at the party.

    The Bedminster Flyers Cycling Club (BFCC) has been a recreational cycling club in the Somerset Hills area of NJ for over two decades. Members are called Flyers.

    We are a road bike club. We ride on Wednesday evenings from April through September, starting from Natirar, at 2 Main St. in Peapack.

    As many as 60 riders may show up on Wednesday. We break into 4 groups based on ability (fastest to slowest: A, B, C, D) and more as necessary for safety. Members frequently schedule ad-hoc rides from other starting points as well.

    D+ rides are also held on Mondays, leaving from a different location each week. Email the D-ride Coordinator to find out where the rides will start.

    The BFCC is a member of the League of American Bicyclists (LAB). In accordance with the LAB guidelines, each participant on Club rides must be a Club-member and sign a membership waiver. The guidelines do allow for one-time guests. After their first ride, guests must become members to continue riding with the Club. In addition, all riders must sign another waiver before every Club-sponsored or Club-promoted ride. To abide by the LAB insurance requirements, we must enforce the one-time guest rule and sign-in before every ride.

    About the Club:

    We get a buck for every signup done through this site. Do something good for yourself and something good for the Club: Get a Road ID.

    In addition to the weekly ride, we have several social and community events throughout the year. They are:

    • Winter Party

    • Ride Leader 101

    • Century Club

    • Matheny Ride (Miles for Matheny course marking & support)

    • Adopt-a-Road Cleanup

    • End-of-Summer Picnic

    Detail can be found on the Club Activities tab.

    Club Events:
    Our Board:

    The Club board has 5 positions. Board members are elected at the last meeting of the year by the members in attendance. All positions are for a full year and are open to any Club member.

    2017 board members:

    President: Bobi Commer (email)
    Treasurer: Chris Herold (email)
    Events Coordinator:  Maria Nadel (email)
    Membership Director: Irene Lieberman (email)
    Secretary: Thomas Kristjansen (email)

    Adopt-a-Road Coordinator, D-ride Coordinator, Matheny Ride Coordinator & Webmaster are non-board positions.

    . They are open to any interested Club member as well.