Bill supports horse boarding on preserved farms

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New Jersey’s horse industry will get a boost from legislation introduced by Assemblyman Ron Dancer facilitating boarding stables on preserved farms. The bill (A4829) allows the construction on protected land to house workers.


“Boarding horses is an important business in New Jersey’s agriculture sector,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “The unique labor demands of boarding require the presence of round-the-clock workers. These laborers need a place to live close by so they can tend to the health and safety of the horses.”

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Currently, owners of preserved farmland can build housing for laborers employed on the property if approved by the State Agriculture Development Committee. However, the SADC has rarely approved construction for housing horse boarding workers.

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“It is a simple equation,” Dancer said. “The horses need farmhands, and farmhands need housing. This bill ensures housing for agricultural workers needed for supervising and tending to the horses.”

Under the bill, the SADC will retain the authority to approve proposed construction on preserved farmland, and ensure the dwelling is sized for worker occupancy and farm employees only.