As you may have noticed, our DPW staff recently began working to make improvements to the Borough owned river front parcel located near Ellmaker Lane along Musconetcong Drive.

They trimmed trees, cut back brush, and removed years worth of illegally dumped yard waste/debris – 11 truck loads in total – from the lot.

Within a week of completion, DPW staff found that someone had illegally dumped several piles of grass clippings and yard waste.

On June 15, 2017 the Zoning Officer sent letters to all residents in the area, advising that littering & dumping are prohibited per Borough Code Section 225-4;

This includes grass clippings, tree limbs, brush, leaves and any other garden or yard waste.

The attached pictures were taken 7/18 and show 5 new piles of brush, grass clippings and debris that were dumped on the public lot.

We would like to move forward with additional planned improvements to this public space including planting new grass seed and installing a picnic table but the DPW staff can not move forward until this illegal dumping stops.

We ask the public assistance with this matter. If you see anyone dumping or littering on this or any other public space, please contact the NJSP immediately at 908-730-7042.

Per Borough Code fines of not less than $100 and not more than $1,000 can be imposed per day. Please help keep our parks clean and open for public enjoyment.

We appreciate your assistance!