“Blue Alert” Bill Protects Police Officers with Statewide Cooperation

A bill sponsored by Assemblyman Dave Rible enabling statewide cooperation to find missing police officers and suspects of harming an officer will be voted on Thursday.  The bill (A2674) establishes the “Blue Alert System” to rapidly release information statewide to catch suspects of assaulting or killing law enforcement officials.


“Unfortunately we have seen on-duty police officers become targets of careless, violent action,” said Rible, R-Monmouth. “Statewide cooperation between state and local law enforcement, with help from the media, will ensure that these criminals are brought to swift justice.”


The Blue Alert System will be a voluntary program for state and local law enforcement to share suspect information with the inclusion of media outlets.  The alert will be activated by the investigating agency when a law enforcement officer is seriously injured or killed and the suspect is at large.


“Just like an Amber Alert for kidnappings and Silver Alerts for stolen cars, a Blue Alert will bring statewide attention to the crime and help apprehend the suspect,” continued Rible.  “Cooperation is critical to bringing justice in any investigation.  When I was a police officer, getting information quickly was paramount to solving crimes.  Protecting our police officers and citizens is always a priority.”


Assemblyman Rible was a patrolman, detective and crime prevention officer amongst other positions during his public safety tenure in Belmar and Wall Township.