Califon First Aid Squad GRABS NEW MEMBERS

The Califon First Aid Squad is pleased to announce that Squad membership has increased dramatically this past year with the addition of 7 new active certified EMT members in 2015 and 5 cadets/probationary members currently in training. We congratulate our new EMTs and welcome our newest recruits! With a larger active member base, we can further improve our service and response times for residents in need of emergency care. The First Aid Squad is still actively seeking new members and anyone with an interest in volunteering should contact Squad President Jay Klein, or go to and scroll to “Membership”.


A proud new American Flag has been recently put on the new 18 foot flag pole installed at the Califon First Aid Station. The Squad is now seeking a Sponsor(s) for the new spot lights that will shine on the flag at night. The Sponsor will have the option of a memorial plaque on the base of the flag pole with an inscription in honor of a loved one or veteran who has served. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact Squad 2nd Lieutenant Kenneth Burke,, who is overseeing the project.

A new Stryker Power Stretcher is on the “2016 Wishlist” for the Califon Rescue Squad! This special type of stretcher is needed to assist in the transportation and lifting of patients receiving emergency treatment. A Gofundme page has been created by the Squad that details the use & need of the stretcher, as well as listing what funds have been raised towards the purchase to date. If you would like to read about this critical piece of equipment and donate, please go to and thank you for all of your support!