CL TWP Officers, Neighbors Subdue Dog Mauling Woman

On Wednesday, May 20, at approximately 5:35 pm, Patrolman Harry Bugal responded to a Ramsey Road residence for a report of an out-of-control dog that was actively mauling a woman, biting her upon the legs, chest, and arms. Several neighbors reported hearing a woman screaming for help. Hunterdon County Communications further advised that the rescue squad was enroute and that the victim, later determined to be a fifty-seven (57) year-old Platteville, CO woman, was bleeding heavily. Upon arrival, Ptl. Bugal observed the woman lying down on the front porch of the residence with the dog, an American Bulldog, latched onto her upper left leg. Ptl. Bugal grabbed the dog by its throat and spinal area, causing it to release the victim, who then walked into the front yard and collapsed. Although Ptl. Bugal kept a grip on the dog, it continued to growl and thrash in an attempt to attack him. A neighbor assisted Ptl. Bugal by dialing 9-1-1 and placing a cell phone to Ptl. Bugal’s ear so that he could request additional officers from the dispatcher. The neighbor also used a cane to assist with pinning the dog down. Sgt. Corey Kubinak of the Town of Clinton Police Department arrived with an animal “snare” pole and secured the dog’s head in the snare, thereby allowing Ptl. Bugal to let go. The victim, who was now being treated by the Clinton Rescue Squad, had multiple bites to both arms, her chest, and leg. She advised that she intervened when the dog began to attack her eighty-two (82) year-old mother-in-law, leading the dog to turn on her. Ptl. Bugal suffered scrapes and cuts to his arm. Upon further investigation, Ptl. Bugal learned that the dog was rescued approximately one (1) year ago and that it had two prior bite attacks. Clinton Township Animal Control Officer Nate Barson responded, took custody of the dog, and will be conducting a follow-up investigation to determine if any charges are warranted against the owner of the dog, who was not present.