CL TWP Pig In Roadway Creates Traffic Hazard

On Wednesday, April 1, at approximately 4:45 pm, Patrolman Drew MacQueen responded to Petticoat Lane near the intersection of Smithfield Road for a report of a pig in the roadway causing a traffic hazard. Upon arrival, Ptl. MacQueen observed multiple vehicles pulled off to the side of Petticoat Lane. He was advised that one of the motorists had already walked the pig back to a nearby farm. Ptl. MacQueen met with the good Samaritan who advised that she put the pig back into its pen. However, a short time later as Ptl. MacQueen was writing his report, he looked up to observe that the pig was back in the intersection. Ptl. MacQueen then attempted to direct the pig, a sow, back to the farm while having to divert traffic. The owner of the pig soon arrived and, with the assistance of Patrolman Brian Dickson, walked the pig back to the farm and secured it in its pen.