CLINTON Brush and Yard Debris Collection

Zones 1 and 2 collection will be on Wednesday, July 8th for residents located on the following streets:

                        ZONE 1                                        ZONE 2

                Alton Place                                  East Main Street

                Fieldstone Drive                           Fairview Avenue

                Riverside Drive                            Georges Place

                Fox Hill                                       Georges Place Extension

                Helen Road                                 Halstead Street

                Olsen Lane                                  Center Street

                Goosetown Drive                         New Street

                Haver Farm Road                         Harrison Street

                Hunts Mill Road                           Lower Center Street

                Mitchell Lane                              Main Street

                Mountain View Road                    Rachel Court

                School Street                               Water Street

                Leigh Street

Place all small brush/debris in buckets or garbage cans curbside for collection.  All large brush/debris (large limbs and branches no greater than 6 inches in diameter) must be placed curbside facing the flow of traffic in order to be chipped.

Do not place brush on top or underneath your leaf pile.