Clinton Conservancy Gardens Bulb Planting Looking for volunteers Saturday

Come plant bulbs!!

The Girl Scouts will be working with the Clinton Conservancy to plant bulbs this Saturday, October 7th, starting at 9:00 at Water Street Park. One-hour shifts will run throughout the day. Eight people to a shift, 48 people hours in all.


Bulbs are packed and ready to go. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! The berm is very hard because of lack of rain and the girls will need help. We also need battery-powered drills for augers. We have two but they each only run for about an hour before they have to be recharged and that takes about an hour. If anyone has a battery powered drill it would be very useful.


Please contact Kathy Madden at if you can help, what time, and if you have a battery powered drill we can use.