Clinton Student Learns the Ways of Washington Five month internship with Senator Menendez shows Brianna Lifshitz the power of constituent voices



WASHINGTON, D.C.—  For the past five months, Brianna Lifshitz from Clinton has been working in Senator Bob Menendez’s office in Washington, D.C., starting just as the new Congress began reviewing President Trump’s cabinet nominees. An average day for Brianna involved staying in consistent communication with New Jerseyans who flooded the office with calls and emails, and communicating to the senator and his staff which issues New Jerseyans cared about, and how they were hoping the senator voted. Additionally, Brianna went to various Congressional hearings and briefings, writing memos for Senator Menendez and his staff to ensure the senator didn’t miss any new piece of research or report that was released. Interns in Senator Menendez’s office don’t get coffee or make copies, they are engaged in the serious work of communicating with constituents, and keeping Senate staff up-to-date on the latest news and research about the issues of the day.

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“I am very grateful for the work Brianna has done for my office over these last five months,” said Senator Menendez.  “My constituents are the reason I am here, and therefore one of the most important things to me. Thanks to Brianna’s tireless work I am able to ensure that my constituents’ voices are heard so that I can serve them best.”

 Brianna Lifshitz is a sophomore at American University, double majoring in International Relations with a concentration in United States Foreign Policy and National Security, and Political Science with a concentration in American Government. Brianna is from Clinton, New Jersey and has lived there all her life. Next year, she hopes to study abroad at Oxford University in Great Britain and continue to learn about comparative and global governance. Previously, she has internship experience in the Washington office of her district Congressman. In particular, her interests include foreign policy, women’s issues, and intelligence. In her free time, Brianna plays softball on the American University club team.

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