CONGRESSMAN Lance Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement

Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07) issued the following statement after the Obama Administration announced an agreement in nuclear negotiations with Iran:

“The paramount goal of a nuclear agreement with Iran is to prevent a state-sponsor of terror from attaining nuclear weapons.  The agreement the President announced today appears to make no such guarantee.  In fact, the proposed deal awards Iran billions of U.S. dollars in sanctions relief without ensuring the permanent dismantling of its existing nuclear infrastructure or the promise of ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections.  Tough sanctions brought the Iranian leaders to the table, kept them there and will hold them accountable.  Removing sanctions without lasting results achieves nothing.

“In the upcoming weeks, I will work with my colleagues in Congress to examine the provisions of this agreement thoroughly and consider whether it meets the thresholds necessary to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.  I will oppose any agreement that jeopardizes the safety of the American people, our allies and our national security interests around the world.”