The Grand Jurors of the State of New Jersey, for the County of Hunterdon, upon their oaths present that Kevin K. Telfair, on or about January 6, 2016, in the Borough of Flemington, in the County of Hunterdon, and within the jurisdiction of this Court, did with the intent to deceive or defraud some other person, knowingly manufacture, use, display, advertise, distribute, offer for sale, sell, or possess with intent to sell or distribute within, or in conjunction with commercial activities within New Jersey, any item, or services, bearing, or identified by a counterfeit mark, specifically by possessing four counterfeit $20.00 bills with the same serial number on each, contrary to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 2C:21-32c, and against the peace of this State, the Government and dignity of the same.