There are many wonderful hotel options for eating – see yesterdays review       –    but if you want to get out and rub elbows with the locals in Atlantic City there is no question that your first stop is Angelo’s, which is located only a few blocks off boardwalk row and conveniently near the tunnel access to the Borgata and Harrah’s. The other nice thing is that they have plenty of parking and cabs come by at a regular clip, about once a minute.

When you walk through the door into the bar room you are immediately grabbed by family atmosphere, the place is jumping and the bartenders interact in a very friendly manner no matter who you are. The other thing you will notice, if you are there on a weekend, is that you are going to have to wait a few moments to get a table.


From the outside Angelo’s is deceptive; it looks about one quarter of the size it really is inside. First off the bar must have at least 45 seats as it wraps it way down and around the corner so if you have to wait there is no problem getting a seat for a libation. Little bit of history, if you look down toward your feet while sitting at the bar you will see a tiled trough that water flows through. Rumor has it that back in the 1800’s the gents, no women were allowed, would simply reliev3e themselves where they were sitting. Thankfully that is a tradition that has gone by the wayside.

The next thing you learn while sitting at the bar waiting is that Angelos makes their own red wine Italian style and they sell it by the gallon, yes by the gallon, and it is quite popular as we witnessed many people getting these large jugs to go.  They also sell the house wine in the establishment, try the large carafe it will easily satisfy four.

ang 10

Our table was ready in no time and then the adventure began, we climbed up the stairs through the rotating door and were now in restaurant nirvana. It was impossible to know how big the place was behind that door, people were eating everywhere and as we walked by the kitchen you got the most wonderful waft of garlic in your nostrils it made your taste buds stand at attention.

We were lead all the way into the back room, which by the way has a bathroom nearby so you don’t have to wander back through the maze of diners which is nice, to find out table surrounded by baseball memorabilia. We took our place next to Lou, The Babe, Joe and Mickey – Roger was there too, and began to scan the menu. It’s difficult in a place like this because you want to have everything on the menu, starting from appetizer one all the way to the dessert. For review purposes we got an array of items, two carafe’s of the local, and sat back to enjoy.


From top to bottom all aspects of the meal had nice flavors. The seafood dish had a nice spicy bite, the pasta dish was swimming in garlic, the shrimp were done so juicy it makes you want bite after bite after bite.  The chicken floated in its sauce soaking it though just enough to give you  tender bites.  Simply put, everything was very good.

The grand old question when dining out is, would I go there again if I was in the neighborhood, and the answer is a resounding no doubt about it and we would like to thank all of the staff that took care of us, we had a great time with you.