As stated in the previous days review    The Borgata is Atlantic Citys finest hotel and with it comes a bevy of fine dining options. We chose Fornelletto to give us the ability to compare various Italian spots around town – tomorrow you can see the review for Angelo’s.


One thing about staying in a casino hotel is that there is a sense of fury and action attached to the gambling aspects of the establishment. And while you can get a fine meal at the Homestead, Pucks or Flays, they still leave you amongst the high paced environment of the casino. Not so at Fornelletto which is located two levels down below the casino floor in what gives you feeling of going down into a wine cellar. You get a relaxing sigh as you sit in the finely adorned dining room, glad to take a break from the mayehem.

Right from the get go the staff was fantastic. We had drinks in hand within three minutes from a smiling young lass who could not have been more accommodating. A fine sized Goose Martini with Blue Cheese stuffed olives set the tone for a three course prix fixed dinner $33. Buffalo Mozzarella salad with the balsamic was just right and easy to share. Osso Buco ravioli were so soft and melted down the gullet accompanied by a medium oaked cab. Concluding was a hazelnut mousse with freshly made whipped cream that forced me to do an extra hour on the exercise bike the next day as it was simply too good to put down.


Overall experience for four was splendid. Everyone at the table had a wonderful experience and we can highly recommend it.  Please see below for chefs bio and menu. If you are in Atlantic City gambling at the Borgata make a reservation, it is very busy.

Stephen Kalt has received critical acclaim for his culinary concepts throughout the country. In 2004, he was tapped to be Executive Chef of Wynn Las Vegas restaurant,   fort5 Corsa Cucina where he received acclaim for his Mediterranean-inflected modern Italian menu. Prior to opening his celebrated restaurant at Wynn, he garnered national recognition as the co-creator and chef of the celebrated Mediterranean restaurant Spartina in New York City. During its reign, Spartina was named “Top 5 Neighborhood Restaurants in New York” by Food & Wine magazine and earned two stars from the New York Times.