DESTINATION REVIEW PART FOUR – Traveling to key west stop at Skippers in Key Largo For a bite


Let’s face it, you got up at 4:30 to make your 7 a.m. flight to Miami which got in at 10:30 and by the time you got your bags and took the people mover all over Miami Airport to the rental car place, got your car and got on the road it’s about noon.  The stomach is growling and despite the fact you are super excited to get this Florida Keys tour rolling you have to eat.  You don’t really want to do it anywhere around Miami because it is a maze of highways  and who the heck wants lousy chain food on vacation – nobody


You put the pedal to the floor and head south, first key you hit is Largo and by this time, about 45 minutes from the airport if you are going 70 mph, you are starving. Here is your solution – Skippers Dockside.

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One – the place is easy to find. It is on the other side of the highway from which you are travelling but it is located right behind the Holiday Inn, put holiday inn onto your gps in the car or phone and it blips right up on the map. There is a u-turn right passed the spot which is easily navigable. After you turn you go by the Holiday Inn a few feet and travel around back – see the shark hanging from the sign and you find an oasis.

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The restaurant is immediately great because it sits on a nice inlet where there are huge boats.  The setting makes you feel like you are headed for a great Holiday. The bar and table area sits right out on the dock under a thatched roof and you exhale, the Monday Friday grind is gone and it’s time for a libation.

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Now we are planning on making several stops on the way down to KW so we look to the appetizer side of the menu and there it is – Fish Tacos – perfect, whisk me away to Margaretville. They are served with a mango cole slaw which is divine. The tacos come out and the fish tastes like it just jumped up from the water onto the plate, which it probably has an hour before as we have watched fisherman come in and bring their catch up to the restaurant

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The bartender is very cordial young lady and one of the waiters gives me a fifteen minute lesson on the science of bone fishing.

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For a first stop in the Florida Keys this was just right check it out


Tomorrow – a bite to eat under the 7 mile bridge