When you are looking for a beach destination one thing that is important above all others is THE BEACH. In Rehoboth the beach is long and beautiful, but beware the closer you get to the middle of the boardwalk area the beach gets packed, and we do mean packed to the gills.  On the weekends its worse with thousands of people lining the shore.

The smart move is to approach the beach to the northern end and you are more likely to find a little room to stretch out with the family. Mid July found the water at 76 degrees which was refreshing and very swimmable. One interesting thing is the break is very close to the beach so to get in the surf make a quick leap over the first set of waves and you can have five feet of water for quite a nice distance.

And compared to NJ the beach is Free  NICE  no badges or hidden charges.

One thing to take note – if you are not staying nearby parking is often an issue and the meters are not inexpensive.

Overall experience, excellen