DiMaio bill protecting high school students from the effects of concussions signed by Governor

High school students who suffer a concussion during intramural sports will be protected by the state’s student-athlete head injury safety program under a bill sponsored by Assemblyman John DiMaio and signed today by Gov. Chris Christie.

“It’s critical that students are fully recovered before returning to a normal daily regimen,” said DiMaio (R-Warren). “They require more time to recover from a brain injury, and suffer more severe symptoms and neurological disturbances than adults.”

The bill (S2348/A3799) adds intramural sports to New Jersey’s student-athlete head injury safety program, which requires special head injury and concussion diagnosis and treatment training for school physicians, coaches and trainers.

“Concussion damage becomes worse with repeat injury. Multiple incidents can lead to learning and memory problems, and more serious long-term issues,” DiMaio continued. “This new law will better protect student athletes.”

The CDC estimates that as many as 3.8 million concussions occur each year, and 30 percent are sports related. Statistics indicate 10 percent of athletes experience a concussion during any given sport season. Football players have a 75 percent chance of concussion, the highest risk for males. Female soccer players have a 50 percent chance of a brain injury.