EAST AMWELL December 2015 Road Report

12/1 Rain. Continue paint work on truck #5. Start installing snow plow markers around the township. • 12/2 Rain. Finish up paint work on truck #5 and finish installing snow plow markers. • 12/3 Finish trimming trees on Fox Hunt road. Remove large tree at the end of Fox Hunt road blocking the drainage. • 12/4 Mow grass the grass at the safe house and Clawson Park. Inspect and measure driveway pipe at 36 Saddle Shop road. Repair damage catch basin on Fox Hunt road. Fill in low/uneven spot in the walkway at Clawson Park. • 12/7 Make adjustments and repairs to the snow plow that goes on truck #5. Clean up garage and perform so building maintenance.


• 12/8 Dig and pour footing for solar speed sign near the grit yard. Repair drainage pipe on Van Lieus road to prevent anymore road damage. • 12/9 Sand and paint snow plow. Pick up drainage pipe at Kennedy. Meet with heating company at grit yard with building inspector. • 12/10 Make repairs to water collection tank at grit yard. Install solar powered speed sign on grit yard property. • 12/14 Remove and replace driveway pipe at 40 and 36 (shared driveway) with 15” ads. Re-grade and restore work site. • 12/15 Remove broken driveway pipe at 46 Welisewitz road. Replace concrete pipe with 40’ of 12” ADS plastic pipe. Re-grade and restore area. Empty trash at Clawson park. Replace light bulbs in the DPW garage. • 12/16 Clean up excess dirt and old concrete around Clawson House. Trim trees behind office building in preparation for gas line replacement. • 12/17 Repair lights in DPW garage. Clean catch basins and pipes ahead of rain. • 12/18 Try to unplug drainage pipe on Van Lieus road. Found that pipe is not plugged but does not flow any water. Pipe will need to be removed and reinstalled correctly. • 12/21 Perform equipment maintenance. Perform road check and clear drains and pipes. Empty trash at Clawson Park. • 12/22 Perform equipment maintenance. Start cleaning up garage. Finish cleaning out drains before rain. • 12/23 Repair and replace broken parking stop at Clawson Park. Perform road check during rain to check on drainage. • 12/24 Holiday. Tree down on Rocktown road. • 12/25 Holiday. • 12/28 Clean up debris from tree down on Rocktown road. Service chain saws. Check and change trash at Clawson Park. • 12/29 Install new replacement salt spreader on 2011 F-550. Run spread and check for leaks. Install Salt spreader on Truck#7 test and check for leaks. • 12/30 Perform, road check and clear any clogged drains or pipes before leaving for the long holiday weekend. • 12/31 Holiday. Broken Glass on Wagner road.