Endorsement Letter for Flemington Borough Council

Vote Michael Harris for Flemington Borough Council

Tiffany Giles, Flemington Borough


I’ve lived in Flemington the majority of my life. I was born here. I moved away for college, but moved back to raise my family. I have seen Flemington go through many ups and downs. We are still in a downturn, which saddens me, as it does many residents who remember this town when it was thriving.


I have never put any weight behind a particular candidate for local office, largely due to my disillusionment with politics and distrust of politicians. Flemington always seemed to have the same types of people involved and serving on the council year after year.


But this year I met Michael Harris, who knocked on my door and spent a long time talking to me about his concerns for the town. His concerns match my own. We keep being force fed half-truths on projects and how our money is being spent. I have grown tired of it. Over the last ten years, my taxes have never gone down and property values still remain stagnant.


We had a business improvement group (the former BID) that was working to improve our town. It was disbanded against the wishes of the townspeople and the business community. We were all told by the Borough Council to trust them – that we would thank them for it later.


They are doing the same thing with the construction projects around town. We have been told not to worry about things like the cost of water, electricity, increased traffic, impact on our roads, or increased children in the school system. To again blindly trust the council.


I am tired of being told not to question things and that the council will take care of it when they have such a terrible track record. They have dropped the ball too many times and now we are being force fed a construction plan that is dividing this town and community without any detail on how it will impact our taxes.


As a council member, Michael Harris will investigate and tell us how our taxes will change, what the townspeople will have to carry on behalf of the developers plans.


Michael has proven to me that he understands the tax burden that many of us are under and how businesses work.


We are tired of waiting for the council to get their act together. We have waited too long.


I am voting for Michael Harris because there have been too many back door deals and too many broken promises. I can’t take it anymore. None of you should have to take it anymore. It’s time to take our town back. I ask to please join with me in voting for Michael Harris this Tuesday, November 7. The right man for the job.