Every 15 Minutes Program at North Hunterdon

Every two years, the North Hunterdon High School SADD club presents the Every 15 Minutes Program.  This year, the program will be presented to the junior and senior classes on Tuesday, May 31 and Wednesday June 1, 2016.  The Every 15 Minutes Program is an important presentation designed to save lives, which is why it is held the week of Senior Prom. The program includes a reenactment of a fatal car crash, which will be held on May 31st in front of the district administration office, so please do not be alarmed to see police, fire and rescue crews on campus that day. Please read through the following letter for more information – Every 15 Minutes Letter 2016.  To learn more about the Every 15 Minutes Program, please visit: http://www.everyfifteenminutes.org/aboutus/