Exciting Classes Beginning this Month Through Adult & Continuing Education

individuals looking for a career in the healthcare industry are
encouraged to enroll in the phlebotomy program offered by Hunterdon County
Vocational School District’s (HCVSD) Adult & Continuing Education.
are people trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or
medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research.
collect blood
primarily by performing venipunctures (or, for collection of minute quantities of
blood, fingersticks). Employment of phlebotomists is expected to increase 25% by
the year 2024, making the profession one of the fastest growing in the country.
Nicholas Pucci, a recent graduate of HCVSD’s phlebotomy program who accepted a
position at Hunterdon Medical Center commented on the impact the class had on
“I was looking for a career path and knew I wanted to be in healthcare.
Phlebotomy has been a great learning experience and the combination of personal
interaction and helping others has been a great fit for me. It will be a way for me to
get started in a field I love.”
Other recent students of the program plan on applying what they’ve learned
to help them continue to advance their careers and educations. Sarah Leff
commented on the impact the program will have on her future plans, saying, “As a
student in nursing school, this phlebotomy program enhanced what I am currently
learning as most nursing programs do not cover phlebotomy. I plan on applying
what I learned in the class to find a job in the field and use the money to pay for
nursing school.”
The phlebotomy class begins Monday, January 30
, and all interested
individuals should register by Monday, January 23
. For more information on the
program and to enroll, please call (908) 788-1119 x 2009.