“Explore Flemington” – New branding campaign unveiled by Flemington Community Partnership Positions Hunterdon County seat as destination of choice for dining, shopping, much more

With sights set on bolstering the local economy, Flemington Community Partnership (FCP) has introduced a new logo, tagline, and wide-reaching branding campaign to attract visitors to the Borough of Flemington.

“Explore Flemington” positions Hunterdon County’s seat as a recreational destination of choice, and an excellent place to conduct business. With a population of about 5,000, the community offers a wealth of restaurants, unique shops, a historic downtown district, and rural scenery. Based on these offerings, Flemington is perfectly suited to attracting tourism from the immediate area and beyond. The campaign was developed by FCP’s agency of record, New Jersey-based SCG Advertising + Public Relations, after months of focus group testing, and ongoing input from community members and business owners.

“Whether you’re from Hunterdon County, or further afield in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or New York, Flemington is a terrific choice for a day trip,” explains Ann Meredith, FCP’s newly appointed executive director. “Our new ‘Explore Flemington’ logo and tagline, and the overall branding effort, is a means of making people more aware that we’re here, and have a lot to offer. Very simply, Flemington’s a fun place to visit.”

The “Explore Flemington” campaign will be rolled out on Flemington’s new website, www.exploreflemington.com, as well as on billboards across New Jersey, in magazines, newspapers, and digital media. Its bold design conveys the message that at its heart, Flemington combines the best of old and new. In addition, sub-logos are available that replicate the primary design, while inviting guests to “Explore Flemington … and Shop!”; “… and Dine!”; “… and Tour!”; “… and Work!”; “… and the Arts!”; plus “… and Enjoy!”

On the heels of many popular community events during the past year, FCP has multiple festivals scheduled during the next several months. These include the Corn & Tomato Festival on August 6, the Central New Jersey Jazz Fest on September 15, and the Fine Artisan Festival on October 29.

The new logo/tagline already has been incorporated into various FCP marketing materials, some of which are currently visible throughout Flemington and beyond. Additional materials featuring “Explore Flemington” are currently being printed or are in development.

To view the new Flemington logo and tagline – as well as the six sub-logos – visit this link.