Sometime we are very verbose in our golf reviews, this is not going to be one of those situations.  If you are looking to play a superior public golf course this fall within an hour of the house and you don’t put Mt Airy on or on or near the top of your list you are being foolish.

This golf course is in superb A plus condition. This course is filled with a myriad of fantastic challenging golf holes.  This is a great affordable golf experience.  Enough said????

Just a few side notes – respect your choice of tee boxes.  If you cannot break 80 on a tough course do not even consider playing the tips, it’s too long for you and you will be ripping you hair out in the first hour. The back tees are over 7100 yards, the par threes are all over 200, trust me, unless you are an A player don’t do it. The whites, up and down the hillside at 6500 yards will give you plenty of challenge.

This is one of my favorite courses in the region, tough but fair. Make good shots and you will be rewarded. To the back nine.


Hopefully you grabbed a bit of food at the turn and took a deep breathe because we are heading into the tough back nine. Hole ten, 390 yards that somehow plays to about 415. The hill on the right is dead. You will have to hit a super side hill from 180 with the left side falling away from you. Good luck. Teh left sdie is tree lined and slopes down severely.  Fairway or bust.


This is a short, uphill hole, but you better beware the right side. Drift one over thee and you can find a big number. Down the gut makes it a birdie hole.

Take an extra club going up this hill. If you have been short all day take two. There is bit of room off the back if you fly it.

I know its a difficult game that you have to pay attention to, but on the back nine make sure you take a second or two to admire the vistas, beautiful.


Thirty yard difference between blue and white. one is a pay attention par, the closer a green light birdie op.

Three perfect shots.

From behind you can see the large elevation change.


This is a great golf hole. Par five, downhill tee shot. Right is dead. Left is a bail out but boy it leaves a long second over the water.  At 477 you would think you might get there in two but downhill side hill lies and a raised green at the end makes that improbable.

Just stunning.

So thee is a stream to cross and nothing but mess on the right. If you go for it you might end up in one of those deep front bunkers and good luck from there. The smart shot is the right fairway that leaves you a wedge in.

From behind the green you can see how much the fairway slopes and the pond which scares your second shot. Wonderful hole.


From the tips this is a beauty. Take two extra clubs, it is directly uphill and has front bunkers that you must carry.

If you leave the ball above the hole, wow, the putt is fast going down, especially at a front pin like this one.


Straight up the shoot, this is an ample fairway, let it rip.

If you reach the top of the ridge, the hole is slightly downhill to a pretty flat green.

Long skinny green, beware of the hump on the front third.


This hole has been shortened because of the amount of balls being sliced into the casino parking lot.  Its now less than a driver. Take note of the distance to the water and choose appropriately.

How’s that for a second shot, across the water with bunkers everywhere, you better dial in or else.

So from behind the green you can see why a downhill approach to an uphill green with two huge swales can be so difficult. It might be shorter but it still has teeth.


Another great hole, It may be a short par three but there is danger everywhere. The water fall on the right distracts,  anything let is dead and for those who bail right there is a bunker that grabs everything and leaves you with a sand shot to a green that is falling away from you toward the cliff.  Summons all of your talent, and hope.

Another great view from behind the green.  You can see how that bunker on the left here is a tough shot going the other direction. make a birdie and you are stealing two strokes from the field.


If you are playing a match and it is close this is perfect finishing hole.  Have you noticed the water down the right side yet?

Second shot, go for it or lay up? The water is still there??  Depends if you are ahead or behind.

This is a big green, so again check the flag for depth coming in. Bunkers on the right here provide a tough shot to get up and down if you are staring at the water. Great finishing hole to cap a wonderful round of golf.

19th hole? Service with a smile.