Sometime we are very verbose in our golf reviews, this is not going to be one of those situations.  If you are looking to play a superior public golf course this fall within an hour of the house and you don’t put Mt Airy on or on or near the top of your list you are being foolish.

This golf course is in superb A plus condition. This course is filled with a myriad of fantastic challenging golf holes.  This is a great affordable golf experience.  Enough said????

Just a few side notes – respect your choice of tee boxes.  If you cannot break 80 on a tough course do not even consider playing the tips, it’s too long for you and you will be ripping you hair out in the first hour. The back tees are over 7100 yards, the par threes are all over 200, trust me, unless you are an A player don’t do it. The whites, up and down the hillside at 6500 yards will give you plenty of challenge.

This is one of my favorite courses in the region, tough but fair. Make good shots and you will be rewarded. To the course –


And we get to it right away, par five, plays dead uphill and has surprises all the way to the green.

Ok, so when you hit your drive you have to be aware of this pond here on the left, your right when driving. It is about 255 from the back tees. This bunker also protects the right. If you want to make 5 or better you must put one down the middle.

This is the look for your second shot. Looks benign, it is not, danger lurking straight and left.

Aha, there’s the pond that runs up the left side and gobbles 2nd shots that get a bit to gregarious.

The view backward from the green so you can see all the water in the way.  The problem is if you bail out to far right you are in the road.  Par is a fine score.


This hole is a grip it and rip it. It plays 460 from the back, there is a bunker guarding over swing pushes on the right and get passed that the back right side is still blocked out by the tree line. Do your best to hug the left side.

This is a difficult green to hit. You will most likely have a long iron or hybrid in and it will test your mettle.


This drive is a sheer beast. The tree line is tight on the right and the pond runs the length of the entire left side.  3 or 5 wood might be smart if you can hit it far enough.

Hitting a five wood leaves you dry but back quite a distance and you will probably have to go over the water. Fortunately its not really in play, dial in your second shot yardage and have at it.


Par three, slightly side hill, plays true to its distance. Play to the middle, a little greedy and this sloping green will eat you for lunch.

You can see from behind that there is a slight groove through the middle of the green that can take a slowly struck putt and send it far off line.


Down down down she goes. Hit it straight and you will be well rewarded with a ball that can get down to the 120 spot. A little wayward however and you can make double before you blink.

Who put the tree in the middle of the fairway?? Yes it is unusual and challenging. After hitting a superb shot down the middle I found myself right behind the tree and had to be inventive with a low bump and run. It you are a lot farther back take note of the pond left, it all slopes to there.


As far as five went down, 6 goes straight back up the mountain. Take the driver and give it a smack, its pretty wide open up there, a few bunkers but they are not really in play. Do take note where the group in front of you is because they can get hidden on the right, I’m still apologizing for bombing their cart.

Ok, as you can see this green has a lot of undulation. They expect you to be coming in with a short iron or wedge so the sloping green protects this hole. Over is dead, falls way down the back mountainside so be wary.


Great par five, bite off as much as you can chew. To carry the farthest length of pond from the white tees you need to hit it 255 in the air. Save shot is a five wood lay up next to the tree on the right.

This is the shot you have laying up, not bad just a little longer.


Take it over the pond and let it rip. It still plays a long way uphill,  getting there is tough but you should have under 100 going in.

Another big green so take a peek at the pin before you hit your third. This is a good birdie opportunity.

Tight driving hole, you need to favor the far left side. Right side blocked out by tree line.

The second shot plays a little down hill, about half a club so choke down and stay down. Middle of the green is the smart shot.

Hungry?  Dial it in.


Beautiful view of the valley below and the hotel in the distance. This par three is straight down. Take at least 2 less clubs via the distance. First time you play here this is a bit of a hit and pray.



And you’re done with nine, pheeeww,   and the back gets a little harder.