Every Monday when the ten day forecast comes out and the weather is still predicted to be in the Mid 60’s thoughts go to golf, where to play in November when the clubs are usually scrubbed up and put in the garage for the long winters rest.

We took a spin out to High Bridge Hills on Friday and are pleased to report that the course is still playing wonderfully. The fairways are in great condition and the grounds crew has done an amazing job keeping the leaves of the majority of the course. One of the annoying aspects of late fall golf is hitting the ball down the middle and not being able to find it due to leaves everywhere. This did not occur once Friday at High Bridge which is a real credit to the guys doing a great job.

The greens were a little slow, probably rolling around a seven on the stimp, but they were still rolling true and gave you a great opportunity to make birdies.


As always the staff was very cordial, We got on the tee just as scheduled and the place of play was right on the four hour mark for a foursome.  If you are looking for a place to play Late fall golf put High Bridge Hills on your list and the nice thing is if there is no snow on the course it will be open.  Take a peek at their website that has a lot of membership options.  www.thehighbridgehills.com

Here are some photos –

high bridge hills 002


high bridge hills 004


high bridge hills 005


high bridge hills 006


high bridge hills 007


high bridge hills 008


high bridge hills 009


high bridge hills 010


high bridge hills 011