At 4:43 this evening Box 4502 Level 3 was dispatched for a kitchen fire on Water St in the Town of Clinton. The box called for CFD, CFARS, Pumper/Tender 46(Annandale), Ladder 14(High Bridge), Engine 91(Quakertown) and Lebanon for the RIC. Chief 45(Dorf) and announced smoke showing and assumed command. Ex-Chief Steven Higgins who lives near by used Chief 45’s water extinguisher and knocked the fire down. Tower 45(Captain Querry) arrived and went in to check the situation.¬†1 line was stretched as a precaution and Engine 45-2 established a water supply at the hydrant. Pumper/Tender 46 was also brought into the scene. All other untis staged at the end of the road. Extensive overhaul was performed in the kitchen and the entire house was checked for extension. The fire was held to the kitchen and fans were used to remove the smoke. Chief 14(Smith) had operations and Chief 91(B Patkochis) had Safety. All who responded did a great job and all units were cleared and available before kick-off.