Flemington BID: Chairman Velella nominates Peterson as Successor

Phil Velella, has resigned from his post as Chairman of the Business Improvement District (BID) Board of Directors.  In doing so, he asked the Board to accept his nomination of Susan Peterson, owner of Teaberry’s Restaurant and current BID Vice Chairman, as the person to assume this leadership role.

In a letter to fellow directors, Mr. Velella addressed changes and increased responsibilities in his professional career that have made providing the BID with the attention it requires next to impossible.  “My employers have given me an exciting opportunity, which involves team building, direct contact and time spent on the road.  They’re counting on me, so I have to give this everything I’ve got”, says Velella.  “Obviously, when I assumed the role of Chairman, these cards were not on the table and my intent from day one was to build on the outstanding work the BID has done for Flemington in recent years”.

Ms. Peterson, in addition to being Vice Chairman, is a Founder of the BID’s Restaurant Association and has chaired its Marketing Committee this year.  “Susan and I share the same vision for Flemington and all that our organization can offer.  No one has worked harder or has earned greater respect from the BID.  I know she will do a terrific job”, adds Velella.

For her part, Ms. Peterson, thanked Velella for his confidence, all he has done to keep BID programs on track and for his time spent developing relationships among board members, the business community and the public at large.  “I’m sorry Phil is leaving.  His dedication and desire to make Flemington a better place to live and work is obvious to anyone who has ever spoken to him.  And his years, first as a Flemington council member then as a BID director, reflect the kind of public servant he has been.  He leaves our BID in a good place and now we have to build on all that we have going for us”.

Ms. Peterson shall serve as Chairperson through the next BID board meeting where it is expected that the board will formally approve her nomination as ongoing Chair.  A replacement for Velella’s seat on the board and nominations for a new Vice Chair will be accepted by the BID’s H.R. Committee, which is headed up by Dr. Paul Marciano.  Marciano can be reached at pmarciano@flemingtonbid.com .