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A great haircut does not happen in one day; it is measured by the way it looks a few weeks later, and a haircut from the new 18/8 men’s salon located in the Kings plaza in Pluckemin keeps getting better with age.

Every new business needs a leader and owner operator Joanna Bunce is in firm command of this new salon. She is a charming and engaging young lady who clearly has a vision that men’s grooming should be taken up several notches form the usual in and out barber experience.



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Upon arrival you are offered coffee, tea, Pellegrino and juices. I found the staff ready and waiting upon arrival and was ushered into a dressing area where you could remove your shirt and put on a hair cutting gown to prevent you from getting hair on your own clothes which is a nice touch.

Into the chair I find my stylist to be very engaging. He spends quality time trying to figure out exactly what I want and how I want the cut to look long after I am gone. I toss ideas back and forth until we are both happy that we are forging on in the desired direction.

He washes and conditions my hair before the cut and gets quickly to work on scalp. Instead of taking out the electric razor as they do in many places where they want to get you out of the chair as soon as possible, he artfully goes about his work with a shiny and clean pair of scissors. Clearly this man is a master craftsman and I never feel as if he is rushing or taking his work lightly.  He circles the chair like a lion sizing up his prey, making continued suggestions, a little longer here, a little tighter there.


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When he finishes I go back into the sink for another wash to make sure all of the hair stays off of my clothes. I get a nice toweling off and then he goes about sculpting. I do not usually partake in gel products but he takes his time and shows me what a little pomade could do to change the style at home If I desire. I have to admit watching the process in the mirror I get more and more encouraged as I go. The blow dryer comes out and as if he has pulled a genie out of a bottle the hari looks great.  Bravo, couldn’t be happier.

But what of the weeks to come. I have had many haircuts that have looked good in the chair after being blow dried and styled but how would it stack up to the jump out the shower and get grooving to work look that has little time for care. After three weeks the answer is that it looks great. The style held its line and it is easy to maintain with very little effort. Have to give it an A+

Overall experience was just delightful. First thing you notice is that the business is clean. I have been in my share of barber type locations when you wonder when the last time they swept the floor was. This is not the case here, the facility is immaculate. The second thing is the staff si overly friendly, you won’t be getting any pursed glances here. They are there to help you look and feel as good as you can and they do a great job of it. Third is the quality of the staff. My stylist could not have been more professional and we are happy to suggest that you give 18/8 a try you will not be disappointed. And when you done you take a quick trip across the street to the bar at the Pluckemin in and see how the ladies give you a little more attention than before you had your hair cut.

(908) 857-4002


500 Hills Drive,

Bedminster, NJ 07921


MON – FRI 10AM – 8PM

At 18|8 we are committed to creating an experience unlike any other for our customers. Our testimonials are results of that commitment. We know that looking your best requires more than just a haircut, that’s why we offer a full range of services here at 18|8 including but not limited to:

  • Facial Treatments Customized For Men
  • Grey Blending and Hair Coloring
  • Scalp Treatments To Combat Hair Loss
  • Straight Shaves