Fraud Arrest

On March 26, a man purchased a used car from a Route 22 car dealership. He also financed the car through the dealership. In doing so, the man displayed a Pennsylvania driver’s license, a U.S. passport, a W-2 form, and a social security card. Approximately three (3) weeks later, the dealership’s financial institution advised that it could not verify the customer’s social security number. When this was relayed to the customer, he sent the dealership a second social security card that had a different number. At this time, the dealership requested that the man return to the dealership with the vehicle. On Thursday, April 30, at approximately 4:40 pm, Patrolman David Formalarie met with the man at the dealership. Ptl. Formalarie determined that the man had used a fraudulent social security card, that he had placed the fraudulent number on the W-2 form, and that his passport and driver’s license contained different dates of birth. As a result, Ptl. Formalarie arrested Gregory “Grigorious” Paximadas, age 48, of Allentown, PA, and charged him with Producing a Fraudulent Government Document and Issuing a False Financial Statement, both third degree crimes. Mr. Paximadas was released ROR.