Frenchtown launches Creative Assets Inventory for Hunterdon County

Supported by a generous grant from the statewide Sustainable Jersey program, Frenchtown’s Green Team, also known as Sustainable Frenchtown, and the Hunterdon County Creative team are conducting a survey of all things creative in and around Frenchtown, to advance environmental, economic, and social sustainability in Hunterdon County and beyond.


“We believe that creativity is key to sustainable communities, and a big part of what makes our town and county so special are our collective creative assets, “said Margaret Waldock, Chair of Sustainable Frenchtown. Leigh Marino, Chair of the Hunterdon County Creative Team adds, “The Creative Assets Inventory is designed to shine a light on what we have, who we are, and where we create, work, and play so we can support the network of assets and people that nurture the arts and creative enterprises in our area”.

The Creative Assets Inventory is an interactive survey, designed to solicit broad participation from the community, through one-on-one interviews and canvassing, and through its online survey. On the website, you will find a submission page to “Add an Asset” to be included in the survey, and everyone is welcome to participate. The inventory is linked to the interactive map and directory displayed on the site, which illustrates the wealth of arts activities in Hunterdon County. All submitted assets will be vetted by the team and included on the Creative Assets Inventory data base. All submitted assets, artists, businesses, and institutions will also be given the option of being included in the publically accessible online map before being displayed.


The Creative Assets Inventory aims to be a complete picture of the arts and creative scene in our area. Since the inventory and its website can be updated at any time, it is a living database, which remains current and relevant as a tool for makers, arts organizations, businesses, and community leaders for planning, business development, and community engagement and fundraising.

If you’d like to get more involved in the Creative Assets Inventory, Sustainable Frenchtown, or the County Creative Team, please email and express your interest in helping out!


Consultants Susan M Mania and Iana Dikidjieva of Environmental Connection have more than thirty years’ experience with sustainability and community redevelopment, including an extensive familiarity with the Sustainable Jersey program. The team assembled for this project is well-versed in the arts, community-engaged asset mapping and creative place making. Visit Environmental Connection, Inc. at:  www.