GOLF PREVIEW – Beaver Brook Part One an old friend got a makeover this winter

Beaver Brook Country Club, located off of route 31 south just south of the Town of Clinton and very close to Route 78 went through a major makeover this winter as the management removed a lot of trees that were hindering the pace of play and the growth of the greens. The result is the course is playing better than it has in years.

A few years ago the greens at BB began picking up speed and now they are immaculate and on a hot summer day do not be surprised if they are rolling near 12 on the stimp. The rest of the course is in superior condition and is an extremely affordable value – check out some of their great deals here –


Lets take a spin around the first six holes

On the first six holes we look at the course from the perspective of a high handicap. In many relationships either the male or the female is the dominate player and they need to find courses that are user friendly to both or frustration sets in and no one is happy. Beaver Brook proved to be a very user friendly course.  There were no outrageous carries or obstacles that made the game uncomfortable. The tee boxes were properly placed and overall it turned out to be a great experience.


To the first tee – 188gaddybeaver 025






188gaddybeaver 026

When you get to the first tee make sure you are limbered up because this is a scoring opportunity right from the start. A downhill par five there is one trick Beaver Brook plays on you right out of the gate, the tee boxes are pointing at the  trees on the right. Take a careful look because if you hit where they are directing you, you will be closer to the 18th fairway than the first. Take care to position yourself toward the fairway. After that give it a rip.











188gaddybeaver 027






Second shot in will be from between 200 and one fifty. There is a greenside trap on the right a bit out into the fairway and on the left next to the green. This is a hole you can get to in two shots if both are well played. Give it a go.









188gaddybeaver 028


This is a long green and you will learn quickly that the rest of the day will be a test of playing on a fast surface. The breaks in this green are very subtle so take a bit of a walk around and try and make that birdie.









188gaddybeaver 029









188gaddybeaver 030


Hole number two is an uphill par five. Bunkers on either side of the fairway in the go zone come into play so take an extra second in that back swing and get one down the middle.  If you don’t over swing you should be well prepared for shot two.









188gaddybeaver 031


Second shot is dead up hill. Nice spot to jump on a three wood and try to get there as the fairway is pretty wide. Take a look at the flag up by the clubhouse for wind direction; it will give you a good idea of what is going on at the green.









188gaddybeaver 032

This is a severely sloped green from back to front. If you are above the hole be very delicate. If you are below the hole look at the grain on the  green, it usually grows into the setting sun so uphill you may have to give it a just a little bit extra.










188gaddybeaver 034







188gaddybeaver 035

The third hole has a tough tee shot. You need to get the ball through a fairly tight area off the tee and then the ideal shot will start off at the fairway bunker and draw toward the middle. If you start it and leave it left the tall trees will block you from the green and promote a push toward the condos on the right.








188gaddybeaver 036

Second shot is slightly elevated and keeping track of the pin is paramount because the green is large.  There is a deep bunker on the right side and a severe drop off on the left.











188gaddybeaver 037

This is a huge green that has many different quadrants with many different subtle breaks, you must walk around a bit and give it a good look or you will be fooled. One thing to note, if you are putting from the middle to the front watch out, it gets slick down there and you can putt it off the front.








188gaddybeaver 038











188gaddybeaver 039

Hole four is a par three that plays 170 yards from the tips. The green is sloped SEVERLY from back to front. This is one of the shots on the course where being below the hole is mandatory or you can putt if off the front. The bunker in the front is trouble and gobbles a lot of thin shots. The bunker on the left middle is a bogie at best so take enough club and don’t swing to hard and pull. Par is a fine score here. For those of you who have played here before you will be shocked to see that the large tree on the right that used to protect one third of the green is gone. It’s a strange visual the first time you see it.


188gaddybeaver 041












188gaddybeaver 042

Hole five starts the cascade down the mountain. It says 402 on the card but it plays more like three fifty. Hitting the fairway however is paramount. Bunkers protect the right side and a pull left will leave you flirting with the tiny stream that hides beyond the rough. A three wood is sufficient to put you near the 150 stick and give you a nice approach.








188gaddybeaver 043

Second shot is interesting. If the pin is on the right you have to fly the bunker to a green that slopes front to back and is hard to hold with the flight over the bunker. The smart move is middle of the green. You can hit it about ten yards short and let it bounce onto the front if you wish.









188gaddybeaver 044

This green is a front to back slider.  Very fast and it breaks severely right to left, sometimes as much as four feet.











188gaddybeaver 045












188gaddybeaver 046

Hole six – this is our first emergency warning – take heed and play smart.  Off the tee you need to hit a three wood MAX. The fairway  is very hard and a driver can run through the fairway into the beaver brook. On the right there is a cart path that many hit and this can cascade the ball right into the creek. On the left is a pond, you can’t see it off the tee but trust us if you pull it even a little you will be wet. A three or five  wood puts you around the 150 stick which is your ideal spot.






188gaddybeaver 047

Second shot – downhill lie, creek in front of you, bunker on the front left and another runs down the right side. The highway is behind the green. There is a lot of visual stimulus here that can grab your attention. The yardage, even though downhill, plays true.









188gaddybeaver 048


The green has a severe slope running through the middle and if you are on the wrong side you have a large challenge trying to get it close. Be happy making par.