Halstead Street Sewer Lining Project – Phase 4 STARTS TODAY


Phase 4 (the Final Phase) of the Halstead Street

Sanitary Sewer Pipe Lining Project


For all residents on Halstead Street, Water Street and Rachel Court, the final phase of the project will commence on Monday, Jan. 30th and Tuesday Jan. 31st from 7PM to 6AM.


The TOWN OF CLINTON has contracted with REIVAX CONTRACTINGfor sewer rehabilitation work in your area.  REIVAX CONTRACTING has hired ALLSTATE POWER VAC as a subcontractor to do a portion of the work.  ALLSTATE POWER VAC will be using a special “NO DIG” method that is used to renovate defective sewers without the need to excavate.  No excavation means less disruption, dirt, and inconvenience to residents.  In this process, known as “cured-in-place”, a flexible lining material is placed in the sewer pipe and cured with heat to become a rigid reinforcement for the existing pipe.  While this method is minimally disruptive, it may be necessary to temporarily block off sections of streets for heavy equipment.  Every attempt will be made to avoid inconveniencing area residents while work is being completed.


During the installation period, your sewers will be temporarily blocked offPlease limit your use of water as each house connection has only limited storage capacity up to the main sewer.  Limited use of the toilet or washing hands is acceptable; heavy usage such as laundry, dishwashers, long showers, baths or running water for extended periods must be avoided. This is to prevent sewage backing up into your house or basement.


When the lining process is completed, a distinctive odor similar to glue may be noticed.  This sometimes occurs in low-level rooms such as basements. In the unlikely event that this should occur in your home, simply vent the area by opening nearby windows until the odor disappears. If you have a washing machine or other appliance that it is hooked into an open drain that has “no trap” it should be disconnected and plugged while the lining process is completed, as should all uncapped or open Sewer lines.


If you have any questions, concerns or problems please do not hesitate to ask for the on-site supervisor. ALLSTATE POWER-VAC also maintains a 24-hour emergency telephone number:  732-815-0220


Additional contact information is as follows:


Site Supervisor: Dan Linen, 732-921-5489

Project Manager: Al Hickson 732-815-0220 x115