High Bridge Boy Scout Troop 149, are the winners of the Hunterdon Arrowhead District – 2015 Klondike Sled Race.

The Klondike is a yearly district-wide 3 day/2 night camping event modeled after the Iditarod. The event, attracting over 280 attendees, took place at Teetertown Reserve, on January 23-25. Eight Individual stations are placed along the route for the boys to demonstrate scout skills, i.e.: first aid, knots, fire building, ice rescue, safety, lumberjack skills, orienteering, and fur identification / tracking culminating in a sled race. The boys won ribbons at 3 out of 4 of the events: accumulating the most amount of points – 376 out of a possible 400,  winning the Spirit Award as well as winning the sled race. The boys demonstrated superb teamwork in their efforts.