High Bridge Parish and Knights of Columbus Food for Families Program

Rev. Maurice Carlton, Pastor of St. Joseph Church in High Bridge and Donald Branflick of High Bridge, representing St. Joseph Council 10627 Knights of Columbus, recently presented $2,575 in Shop Rite Gift Cards to Anne Underhill, Executive Director of the Open Cupboard Food Pantry in Clinton.  The gift cards are an annual gift to the Pantry and purchased using donations from St. Joseph parishioners and from the Knights St. Joseph Council.  Branflick coordinates the council’s Food for Families program and Fr. Carlton serves on the Board of Directors for the Pantry.  The gift cards will be distributed to Food Pantry clients during the Christmas Season.

St. Joseph Parish and the High Bridge Knights support the Food Pantry throughout the year.  On one weekend each month, Knights collect food and other household items at the church donated by St. Joseph parishioners.  Knights then deliver the donations to the Food Pantry.  The Knights also maintain a drop-off rack in the lobby of the Clinton Shop Rite where customers donate items.  Twice weekly, Knights pick up those donations and bring them to the Pantry with other food donations from Shop Rite.  Last year, the Knights delivered 26,000 pounds of the combined donations to the Pantry.  In addition, the High Bridge Knights volunteered nearly 700 hours of their time supporting the Pantry with their deliveries, working with Pantry clients and delivering to shut-ins.

Underhill thanked the Knights for their support, saying, “Your gift of time and hard work enable people to donate in the simplest possible manner . . . bringing great benefit to the Pantry.”

The Open Cupboard Food Pantry serves 400– 500 clients each week.  For more information, seewww.opencupboardfoodpantry.org/