High Bridge Boro Municipal Question
3/3 100.00%
Under Votes 107
Over Votes 0
Vote Count Percent
Yes 341 57.31%
No 254 42.69%
Total 595 100.00%


Should the Borough of High Bridge undertake a major road reconstruction and improvement projects over the course of the next ten years at an estimated aggregate cost of $900,000, which will be financed through $0.03 tax increase dedicated to the Capital Improvement Fund for Borough Infrastructure repairs? INTERPRETIVE STATEMENT: If this question is approved by the voters, the Mayor and Council will consider adopting an ordinance or ordinances appropriating approximately $900,000 in the aggregate over the next several years for a major road reconstruction and improvement project, and Finance through the Capital Improvement Fund with an $0.03 increase to the property tax. The tax increase required to fund the projects will be outside the 2% CAP. If this question is approved by the voters, the governing body will authorize in the Capital Improvement Fund that said funds generated shall be for Streets and Road Improvements and/or equipment dedicated to and for the purpose of Streets and Road improvement. Funding generated shall be in a fiscally responsible manner, authorized by a Capital ordinance requiring an introduction and a public hearing prior to commencement of any work. The governing body will initially use the 2011 Pavement Rating/Road Reconstructions Costs Study, prepared by the Director of Public Works, as updated, to determine the specific projects that will be undertaken, however, no final decisions will be made until public hearings have been held and the governing body has received input from the residents of the Borough.