Hunt. Cty Library Later November Events (Nov 18-29)

A Celebration of Musical Styles

Ia Denzer’s piano students’ upcoming concert November 18 at 12:00 pm at the North County Branch Library, Clinton, will feature various composers from baroque to modern. These are very young musicians who will be debuting in this program as well as her senior students. Ia’s Piano Studio students have taken several prizes for performances during the Feb. 12th Music Showcase at the Flemington United Methodist Church in 2017. “Classical musical education should be a part of every child’s life as it helps them develop deep analytical skills, and gives them additional outlets for emotional and spiritual growth. It helps them set and achieve both short term and long-term goals which help them build confidence, become self-disciplined and gain self esteem”. Appropriate for all ages, so come enjoy and applaud our local young talent! To reserve, please call 908-730-6135, or visit the Events Calendar at

A Jazz Holiday with the Eric Mintel Quartet

The Eric Mintel Quartet performs their annual holiday concert with original jazz pieces, classic fare like Silent Night, Christmas Tree and others, plus the highly popular music of Vincent Guaraldi from A Charlie Brown Christmas on November 29, 7:00 pm at the Hunterdon County Library, Rt. 12 Flemington. Reservations a must, 908-788-1434 or visit the Events Calendar at

Families have come to hear these timeless songs they grew up with and are now introducing them to their children as only the Eric Mintel Quartet can perform them. The concerts are not only entertaining but introduce children to jazz in a live concert setting.