Hunterdon Art Museum “Chatfield Chosen for Members Highlight Exhibition; Waters Receives Museum Prize; Winter Classes and Workshops; Job Openings at HAM”

The recipient of our next Members Highlight Exhibition is a familiar face to many adults who have taken an art class at the Museum.

Artist and teacher Maureen Chatfield has been selected from among this year’s entries for our Members Exhibition to receive a solo show at HAM. The selection was made by Mary Birmingham, curator at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, who chose Chatfield’s work from among 86 entries submitted by HAM members this past summer.

Chatfield describes her award-winning painting, Looking Into Midnight, as an internal work and an action painting.

“This is what I love because its more difficult than any other painting,” Chatfield said. “I can copy anything — when you get to that level where you can copy anything you can see — what’s left is what’s inside. When you’re facing a blank canvas with nothing — no parameters — it’s like infinity. Where do you start? You have no restrictions other than the size of the canvas. Because the possibilities are infinite, it’s much more challenging.”

Chatfield said this painting demands audience participation. “People will find things in it, and it will give them a feeling,” she said. “With this one, I don’t like to talk to people about it. I just like to ask ‘What do you get out of it?’ ”

Chatfield’s work was featured in a solo exhibition at Rosenberg & Co’s Manhattan Gallery in 2015. In a review, Art News called her a “natural colorist,” who “fearlessly mines the spectrum from the gorgeous reds of Matisse to the rich blacks that conjure Franz Kline’s swashbuckling brushwork and Robert Motherwell’s Elegies to the Spanish Republic to the muted nuanced shades of Richard Diebenkorn.”

You can check out this painting, along with works by 30 other artists, at our Members Exhibition; the show is open until Jan. 7, 2018. You can view more of Chatfield’s art, by visiting her website.

Chatfield learned to paint as a teenager, and now does so full time, in addition to teaching classes here at the Museum. If you’re interested in learning from this talented artist, we encourage you to enroll in her Paint the Modern Landscape class, which will be offered on Fridays starting Jan. 19 and this spring beginning April 20. You can learn more about her class by visiting our website.