HUNTERDON ASSEMBLYMAN Peterson continues to oppose gas tax increase


  Assemblyman Erik Peterson voiced his opposition to the impending passage of the new gas tax increase, stating that low- and middle-income families will be hurt more than they are helped by this deal.

The Assembly, along with the state Senate, will vote tomorrow on A-10 and A-12 after working through an agreement with the Governor to raise taxes on gasoline and petroleum products throughout the state, while bonding for $12 billion to be paid over the next 37 years.

“Yet again, the Democratic leadership in both houses have agreed to a back-room deal to raise taxes on all hardworking New Jerseyans,” said Peterson (R-Hunterdon).  “The deal not only makes New Jersey unaffordable for many middle class New Jerseyans, but it pays  for the special interest tax cuts by borrowing against our children and grandchildren’s future.  That’s unconscionable.


“By my calculations, middle class families could end up paying nearly $1,000 more per-year in taxes while barely feeling the small reduction in the sales taxes,” added Peterson.  “It is unacceptable to ask the already over-taxed people of this state to continue to pay more in taxes and not to put in place cost saving measures that would bring New Jersey’s transporting spending per mile in line with neighboring states.

“Governor Christie, along with Speaker Prieto and Senate President Sweeney, announced their compromise late Friday night and notified the members on Monday of a surprise last-minute voting session so as to prevent any discussion or evaluation of the scheme by the Legislature or the motoring public,” concluded Peterson.

Peterson voted against previous proposals in the Assembly in June.