HUNTERDON ASSEMBLYMAN Peterson resolution rejects federal ruling banning honorary blue lines in support of police officers


Assemblyman Peterson introduced a resolution today objecting to a recent Federal Highway Administration ruling that would require towns to paint over the honorary blue lines in front of police departments, municipal buildings, and down main streets in support local law enforcement.

“It seems that, yet again, the federal government is out of touch with everyday Americans,” said Peterson (R-Hunterdon). “A simple show of support for the men and women of law enforcement has needlessly been brought into question.”

The ruling notes that blue markings are reserved for designating handicap parking spaces in accordance with the international symbol of accessibility parking.

“I’m very confident that drivers are not going to mistake the blue lines down the middle of the road for handicapped parking zones. We need to let the towns decide what is best here,” continued Peterson.

Peterson’s measure disapproves of the FHWA determination that the thin blue line between double-yellow centerline marking does not comply with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highway