Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Statement on the Updated Redevelopment Plan for the Borough of Flemington


The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors continues to support the Re-Development Project proposed by developer Jack Cust for the Borough of Flemington. The recent adjustments to Mr. Cust’s proposal address concerns of the historic community while promoting much-needed economic development in Flemington. The Chamber’s mission is, “to enhance an economic climate that advances growth, prosperity and the quality of life for all who live, work and visit Hunterdon County,” and we continue to believe that the Redevelopment Project aligns well with that goal.

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We believe that the plan to revitalize the downtown area will benefit the hardworking people of Hunterdon County, and the revised proposal leaves us optimistic that the business and historical communities will work together to create a more prosperous Flemington. James Robinson, the Vice Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors spoke summarized the Board’s position. “The latest changes are very welcome and signal the developer’s desire to be responsive to community input where possible. This project will be the catalyst for the economic revitalization that Flemington and Hunterdon sorely need.”

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The Chamber believes that the revised plan strikes an appropriate balance between promoting commerce and maintaining historical aspects of the downtown, creating an atmosphere where business and history can both flourish. Bill Flahive, Chairman of the Chamber’s Advocacy Committee, added, “Progress and preservation are not mutually exclusive. I applaud Mr. Cust and people around the County, including the history community, for recognizing this concept.”


The Chamber supported Mr. Cust’s plan from the onset because of the economic benefits that redevelopment will bring to the region, but we recognized that some in the community had concerns about the proposal. We support Mr. Cust in addressing the concerns of the community and creating a solution that appeals to both business and historical leaders.


“Hunterdon County is at a very pivotal moment in terms of our economic future,” commented Chris Phelan, President of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce. He went on to say, “The Courthouse Square development will give the necessary momentum to spur other commercial projects that will re-purpose existing sites throughout the area that are currently underutilized or unoccupied. With this major capital investment the dividend of creating new jobs, new ratables and a more prosperous economic climate is a win-win.”

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We plan to continue our advocacy for the completion of the Redevelopment Project, which is essential to the revitalization of Flemington and Hunterdon County. We believe that the new plan fairly addresses business and historical interests, and we look forward to working together toward the goal of a more prosperous community.


The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, established in 1916, represents over 600 member organizations with over 15,000 employees. The Chamber serves as the advocate for the Business Community and offers a wide array of initiatives centered on economic & workforce development, leadership and business resources. For more information on the Chamber please visit or call 908-782-7115.